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When Should I Book My Wedding Florist?

Bride wearing pearl headband holding red and white bouquet
Photography by TakeTwo Photography

Where do I start? What should I budget? Colour schemes? Looking at the bigger picture of

everything you need to do during wedding planning, it could feel a little overwhelming. Keep reading for some helpful tips from myself, as a wedding florist, that will make the process easier!

So first things first, you will need to get your overall wedding budget together (more info here on budgeting), then you can find all your suppliers within your budget.

I recommend booking your wedding florist once you have set your date and booked your wedding venue - this is usually between 12-18 months (but can vary depending on how long you have decided to plan your wedding). The venue sets the overall feel and aesthetic for your wedding and will help your florist creating your florals to match your style and venue for a seamless design. Without a wedding date, it is hard for a florist to begin a quotation without knowing availability of flowers.

It’s good to go to your florist with an idea of how you would like the day to look and feel, and a colour scheme. If you are struggling to decide on a colour scheme, take a look at Pinterest and make a board of images that catch both, you and your partner’s eye and that you really like - you will soon see a trend of similarities and will help point you in the direction of your style and colour scheme. This Pinterest board link can also be sent to your wedding florist to give them an idea of your thoughts for your wedding day. From here, your florist will be able to suggest seasonal blooms and ideas that will work for your day. There’s more information about my consultation process here.

Table flowers with light up letters in the background
Photography by Samantha Broadley Photography

A lot of independent florists only take on a set number of weddings each year and often only 1 or 2 a weekend, so dates can book up quite fast, especially in peak season. So if you have found a florist whose work and style you really love, there is no harm in contacting them early.

If their diary isn’t open that far in advance they will advise you when to get back in touch. If it is quite far in advance, don’t worry about all the details, most florists do ‘check-ins’ and final consultations to finalise all the details. It will be one thing ticked off your list and as flowers really set the tone and feel of a wedding its lovely to have those organised early.

If you’re having a short wedding planning period, then always get in touch with any florist that you love and they can check availability - it’s more common than you think!

I hope this has helped with your to-do list and where you should start when booking your florist. If you did fancy a chat or start the consultation process, please fill in the form here.


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