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How to plan a wedding in a year: 1 month to go

Bride and groom walking through a flurry of confetti
Alice & Liam at Eaves Hall. Image by Samantha Broadley Photography

Just a couple more things to do…

If you missed it, I’ve taken you through the first steps of planning your wedding with:

Contact any guests who haven’t RSVP’d

It’s getting to the point that you need to know final numbers for catering and completing the seating plan.

Organise your seating plan

This is best left to the very last minute in case of any cancellations. Once you’ve created your seating plan, give your venue and caterer a copy along with the final headcount and details of any dietary requirements. This will make the wedding breakfast smooth sailing for the venue and caterers.

Check in with your venue

This allows for discussing all the finer details, any last minute communication and to discuss any questions that may have popped up. Maybe take a member of the wedding party that can help with any issues on your wedding day to reduce any potential stress for you both.

Write your vows

It's time to think about your wedding vows. Starting this early is a great idea as it gives you plenty of time to revisit and ensure you have said everything you need to. It allows you to practise too, in case of any nerves on the day.

Outfit fittings and break in your shoes

Have your final dress or suit fitting in the few weeks before your wedding. This gives you enough time for small alterations to be made (note: this is not the time to ask for anything drastic - that should have been done in your first fitting) Also, wear your wedding shoes around the house to break them in and ensure they’re comfortable - no blisters on the dance floor please!

Final beauty/grooming appointments

For those final finishing touches: hair cuts, nails, waxing, tanning, etc. Please don’t do anything crazy though - now is not the time to try out a fringe if you’ve never had one (wait till after the wedding).

Flower pressed bridal bouquet in a double sided frame
Bridal bouquet preserved with flower pressing in a double sided frame

Book your bouquet in for preservation

You’ve spent a lot on your bridal bouquet and wedding flowers - and for good reason. It’s full of luxury, beautiful blooms, curated and bespoke to your special day. It will be one of the most photographed floral pieces of the day. But why just have it for one day? When you can treasure it forever, by preserving your wedding flowers, beautifully pressed and framed.

I hope this blog series has helped and has given you an idea of how to plan a wedding in a year. There are so many aspects to consider and co-ordinate. Whenever you are in doubt, need to relieve the wedding stress or need help during your wedding planning, reach out to friends, family and your wedding suppliers. They can help you through the process. Many wedding suppliers have their own timeline and process which makes their process for themselves and the couple go as smoothly as possible - no one needs stress!

Have you just started wedding planning and need a florist? Get in touch now and we can start your floral journey!


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