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At Fleurs&Ink Floristry we’re serious about sustainability, and as such practice ethical business based upon several sustainable floral design principles. We passionately care about the environment, and our role within our community, and as such have enforced the following practices within our business:

Packaging & Recycling 

As a company, we carefully consider what packaging and accessories are required for the production of our products, and how they will impact the wider world. We utilise recyclable materials as much as possible in our retail products. As a company, we have decided to omit non-compostable cellophane and majority of single use plastics in designs and instead use compostable cellophane, recyclable packaging and reusable vessels for design.

We have been recycling waste since opening. We are keen to reuse as many floristry by products as possible, such as - chicken wire and plastic water tubes. These are cleaned and stored carefully and reused over and over. All of our cardboard is recycled and green waste composted at the local recycling centre.

Floral Foam

We actively engage and encourage a dialogue about floral foam within the venues and clients we work in, and will always opt for foam free, and environmentally friendly techniques wherever possible. However, some venues we work in do legally required we use natural floral foam as flowers arranged into water are not permitted - we find this most common in historic buildings or art institutions. We are proudly a foam minimal.

British Flowers & Imported Flowers

We recognise the impact that importing flowers has on the environment, and wherever possible we will opt for British grown product as opposed to imported. The reality of the British climate means that this is not always possible, however we will try our best to source these first.

We actively encourage discussion around sustainability and sustainable business practices, so please if you have any questions, get in touch at

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