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How to plan a wedding in a year: 4 - 5 months to go

Another step closer to your wedding day. We’re now looking at sharing information with guests, getting organised with guest numbers and the finer details of your big day.

If you missed it, I’ve taken you through the first steps of planning your wedding with:

Let’s take a look at the next steps…

Table place setting with menu and flowers
Image by Lynda Michelle Photography

Create your wedding website

100% the easiest form of communication between you and your guests. A wedding website can also reduce your paper costs as all the details can be accessible online, so you could either opt for a very simple paper invitation or even just digital!

Guests can RSVP through the website, sharing any dietary requirements if necessary and this can be easily stored and accessed ready for final consultations with vendors.

Things to include on your wedding website:

  • Venue, Date & Time

  • Dress Code

  • Gift List

  • Directions & transport options

  • Recommended accommodation

Create a gift list (if you’re having one)

If you are having a gift list, you need to create this before sending out your invitations. Many online gift lists can be connected to your wedding website too.

Flatlay including bridal heel sandals, colourful flowers, perfume, earrings and rings.
Accessories flatlay by Laura Duggleby Photography

Send out your invitations

Get those invitations sent! Things to include:

  • Venue(s)

  • Date & Time

  • QR code linking to your wedding website

Purchase your wedding rings

These are kind of essential. Try visiting a store to try rings on to see what you like and what suits you and if they compliment your engagement ring.

Buy your outfit accessories

Think shoes, earrings, lingerie (what will be best under your outfit/dress?) cufflinks… new socks for him (no one wants faded black socks on their wedding day).

Organise finer details and smaller decor pieces

When you have the order of the day pinned down, you may want to display a welcome sign and/or timeline sign to direct your guests. You may also want a guestbook, place cards and favours.

Stay tuned for the next steps of How To Plan a Wedding in a Year: 2 - 3 months to go!

In the meantime, get in touch for a friendly chat about creating the perfect flowers for your wedding. Occasionally, there is last minute availability if you’re having a quick turn around on wedding planning.


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