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Pressed flower example

Bouquet Preservation

Creating beautiful pressed flower keepsakes and artwork from your occasion flowers.

What’s the process?

When I receive your flowers, the bouquet will be carefully separated into individual flowers, sometimes to each individual petal, and pressed to ensure the very best result for your flowers.

Once completely pressed and dry, which can take up to 12 weeks, they will then be designed using our signature style and we will consult with you on the final design and framing options.

Once complete, delivery or collection will then be arranged for you.

Collection & Delivery

I accept flowers from all over the UK, and its best to get them to us as soon as possible.


Shipping is straightforward and at your own cost. You can find advice on how to package your bouquet to ensure it arrives in great condition here.


Alternatively, you can drop off your flowers at my home studio, located on the edge of Blackpool.

Pick-up may be available from selected local locations, including your home or wedding venue, the day after your wedding. This will need to be arranged in advance.


Please see various options below.


Deposits start from £50. 


Full payment of balance is not due until 8 weeks later when I will be organising buying the frame and creating the artwork.

Delivery of your frame

Ideally, the frame can be collected or handle delivered to prevent any change of damage.

Otherwise, your frame will be well wrapped and sent quickly using trusted couriers.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Framing Options

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Close up of pressed rose and clematis

Tips for your bouquet & shipping

Please refrain from doing a bouquet toss as this damages your flowers considerably.


Ask your venue for a vase of water to place your bouquet in (it can be a part of your decor!)

I do not send you anything for shipment, shipping is your responsibility. The client is in charge of materials and shipping to me. Instruction on how to do so below!

IMPORTANT: Please place a sheet of paper inside the box that has the order number on it! As well as a list of everything I should find in the box (if there is a boutonniere, a second bouquet, etc.). You are welcome to add extra flowers into the box if you would like your preservation specialist to pick the best blooms provided.

The return shipping for your frame is included in the price of your order.

Remove any ribbons / pendants / papers / dress lace etc. that you want to keep before shipping! I will discard them if they are not kept by you (unless previously discussed)

Flowers should be shipped quickly after the event date and placed in water while preparing for shipment. ONLY THE STEMS wrapped in a wet towel and then a plastic bag (so that it doesn't get the box wet). Be sure to add packing peanuts or crumbled paper to fill the empty space. 


***If the flowers don’t come in workable condition, I cannot proceed*** However, I can reorder blooms as replacements, I will be in touch to discuss if this is the case.

- Place in a fragile upright box so that the bouquet doesn't get thrown around 

- DO NOT WRAP FLOWERS IN ANY KIND OF PLASTIC. This includes bubblewrap.


- DO NOT let a shipping carrier package it for you, they tend to wrap them in plastic bags.


- Crumbled paper, dry paper towels, packing peanuts, are all great options that are not plastic! 


- Make sure not to wrap the entire bouquet in a bag, keep the blossoms uncovered and away from moisture or they can mould. Just wrap the stems.


- Do NOT place your florals in the freezer


- Do NOT ship them in a Styrofoam cooler 


- You'll want to ship it either overnight or 1-2 day shipping.


You can see all the FAQs in the Pressed Flower Preservation tab.

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