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Wedding Planning - Dealing with Stress!

Updated: Jan 17

I thought it would be useful to share some stress relieving tips - as we all know life can be stressful and wedding planning, one the the “happiest times of your life”, can be super stressful!

Between the big list of To-Do’s, budget and people pleasing (to name a few) your mental health could take a hit. By managing your stress, it is possible to enjoy the whole experience, staying focused on you, your relationship and your up and coming next chapter, marriage.

Everyone reacts to unmanageable stress differently and have different symptoms of stress. These are usually: feeling upset/emotional, irritable, headaches, stomach upsets, drinking or smoking excessively and struggling to sleep or concentrate.

So what can you do when things are getting just a little too much?

Spend some time with your support network - socialising is very important for your mental health, so having a break from the to-do list and having some quality time can do the world of good. However, on some occasions, certain friends or family members can increase stress talking about wedding planning. So don’t feel bad putting a ban on the topic of weddings for a few hours while having some time with them. If they are truly toxic to your health, don’t feel bad about taking some time away from them too.

Digital detox -

Social media use is linked to depression, anxiety and sleep problems, so putting some limitations in place isn’t a bad idea. Whether that is putting your phone away by 8pm in the evening or deleting apps periodically, it will more than likely help.

Do something you enjoy! - So your time has been a bit preoccupied with the spreadsheet, emails and calling suppliers. Don’t forget to schedule in some self care; have a pamper, go to the gym, read, watch a film, crafts… whatever you enjoy, just make sure you fit that time in.

Done list - Every time you tick something off the To-Do list, add it to the Done list! It’s like a little high five of motivation, feeling proud and squish any panic that the To-Do list would bring. It’s also reassurance that things have been done too.

Share your workload - When the wedding planning and the sheer amount of things that need organising get too much, just ask for help! Ease the pressure from you and your partner’s shoulders. Enlist the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and friends. Good tasks to allocate are things like, packing and delivering items to the venue or picking up that last bit of stationery. If you have the budget, consider bringing in a Wedding Planner. Most

Wedding Planners have different packages to suit many different budgets - so it might be worth enquiring. A positive with a Wedding Planner, they know exactly what they are doing and already have a network within the industry with venues, event decor and catering etc.

And the last one, be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect, don’t put the extra pressure on yourself.

It’s okay if you leave that Pinterest DIY decor you saw out of the equation! It will be no reflection on you, your partner or your big day.

For more information and advice, Mind have lots of resources and helplines or contact your local GP.


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