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How to look after your fresh flowers

A colourful selection of spring flowers

So you’ve been gifted or bought some fresh flowers and you want to get the most out of them? Of course you do and why wouldn’t you!

Here are a few tips to help extend your fresh flowers life span:

Pink anemones with yellow Alstromeria

When you’ve unpacked your flowers, place them into a squeaky clean vase with fresh water and flower food if available. Make sure there will be no foliage or leaves under the waterline - this will create mould and bacteria in the water and effect how long your flowers last.

Place your flowers in a cool position, out of direct sunlight and away from fruit! Fruit like tomatoes, bananas and apples produce high amounts of ethylene. This will in turn, encourage the flowers and foliage to produce more ethylene and cause aging in the flowers and leaves and sometimes bud and leaf drop.

A collection of colourful spring flowers in jam jars with twin and scissors

Change your vase water every couple of days. As you do this, remove any damaged, or dying stems to reduce bacteria and re-trim your stems at a 45 degree angle. This helps the stems with absorption and effectively take up water to nourish the bloom above. Add more flower food, if available.

If you want to keep your flowers even longer, why not consider drying them out or pressing them!


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